That moment when…

That moment when all is right  with the world, or more specifically your world and you let your hair down and laugh…yeah I live for these moments!

Caught in my moment–pure happiness.

Or when you forget you have so many bills to pay, but you’re able to laugh and just play around in the sand? Take that creditors! Growing up, you don’t realize how important a proper balance of work & play (with a little extra play for some) is until you feel like you’re ready to retire and you haven’t even had a mid-life crisis yet.

I am slowly beginning to understand that balance (well at least I think I am); I am learning what’s important to me, what I need to stay inspired, and what it means to live with no regrets. Trust me, going through college I’ve had so many regrets……but that’s a story for a time that will never come 😉 .


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