30 before 30..


So last night, while out with a group of friends we were talking about what our goals were for 2016. One mentioned working out and how she signed up for Krav Maga. My initial response was “Wtf is that?!” I told her it sounded very intimidating, but she proceeded to explain and said sometimes working out is better if you have an accountability partner….

Now, like every other woman my New Years resolution or goal has been to lose weight..but like every other woman I’ve never followed through lol. (Ridiculous right?) So I verbally agreed to sign up for this boot camp, but I suspect that the rum I was drinking did most of the talking.

As of now, I plan to invest in myself; anything I want for myself (even if it’s as simple as drinking more water, because I probably should anyway), I am getting. To make this more fun & adventurous, I’m going to turn it into a “30 before 30” list. I’ll compile my list and share for all of us 86ers who are turning 30👑


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