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Ugly Christmas Sweater


So to get in the holiday spirit, at the last minute (as usual), I decided to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater. So through the traffic and nasty weather I trekked to Michael’s and Forever 21 for a sweater and tacky Christmas embellishments (insert disgusted emoji here!)

For some reason I had the bright idea to make my ugly sweater “Beyoncé Themed” and thought I would put some of my favorite songs on there and then glue a pic of her in the middle…….

Well that didn’t exactly come to fruition, but nonetheless my sweater is still UGLY lol.


Yea….pretty ugly huh? I will say I had fun making a mess with the glitter and getting fabric glue all over the place. Now I just need to make sure my sweater doesn’t fall apart tomorrow…lol.


Happy Christmas Eve

-Tiff ❤


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