Who else loves a good list?


Lose 10 pounds                                                                 Shadow a dentist
Read a book in French (for beginners)     Go on a road trip with best friends
Take a creole cooking class                            Visit all major museums in NOLA
Take a solo trip                                           Complete all entries in Travel Journal
Participate in a 5k                                                          Take family portraits
Get rid of credit card debt (Yikes                     Rent a yacht for the dirty 30!
Host a wine tasting
Go on Haunted Tour of NOLA
Make a new vision board
Start attending church more often
Finish 2 scrapbooks
Increase money in my savings
Visit California
Go skydiving
Attend an Opera
See The Color Purple on Broadway
Get into a post-bac program
Visit my grandma’s grave
Wear natural hair for 30 days
Increase fruit & vegetable intake
Workout at least 3 times a week
Open etsy store
Make a blog post daily
Start taking vitamins daily

-With my 30th birthday exactly 5 months away, I think I have time to accomplish all that is on my list. If not I will most definitely have fun trying! One of the items on my list, was to make a blog post DAILY…..even if it is to post a ridiculously funny meme to get to my goal I will!

I see you 30 before 30 list, and I challenge you…..

With NYE being tomorrow, I am expecting an epically chaotic night to write about for my 1st post of the year…
nye party
P.S.- If all I post is a meme on January 1, 2016, just know I was too hungover to write anything philosophical.

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