New Year's Eve

Party like a Rock Star

Ahhh…finally. The night we have all been waiting for: NYE. The night where much like Halloween & Mardi Gras, you have a good excuse to get drunk, dance on tables, and kiss a stranger wake up hungover. Tonight will be my last NYE of my twenties….

OMG, I’m just realizing this..the last NYE of my 20s is happening right now (slips into the darkness). Since I am such a responsible adult (yea..not really), I paid my bills (which were all a few days late), submitted my writing piece for this magazine I write for (not trying to brag..:) ) and I am officially ready to party (bust out the Champagne!)

So this is the look I’m going for tonight…I found the eye makeup on Pinterest of course, and I will probably not even come close to recreating this eye look. Damn you pinterest! Giving ladies (and men) false hope all around the  world! Well, I will have fun trying.

-Tiff ❤

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