New Year, Same Memes

Well it’s the New Year, and all up and down my Facebook timeline people have been posting “New Year, New Me” or “This is MY year” etc. I wonder why people wait until the New Year to turn over a new leaf. This year will be a mixture of things I’m sure (Why? Because life isn’t perfect!) and I am here for whatever it may bring. I’m just happy to see another decade (30!)

These are the things I’m here for in 2016:

  • Starting a workout plan
  • Men (my love life was on a vacation in 2015 so I’m hoping it will make a triumphant return!)
  • Creating a sizable emergency fund like every other grown up
  • Road Trips
  • Brunchin
  • Festivals
  • Working on my 30 before 30
  • Being great
  • Finishing a workout plan
There are some other things on my list I’m sure my mother would not want to know about in case she ever sees this. Yes 2016 will be a lot of things; at the end of the day the year is what we make of it. Not the stupid inspirational memes generated by ghost. Honestly, who invented memes?? Like where did they even come from? Do they really inspire people to do good, pay child support, stop ho’ing around? Most importantly, will they EVER GO OUT OF STYLE?? Lol.
-Tiff ❤

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