This was me. Literally. For all of 2016.

And it’s only been 4 days.

I even asked my parents, “Are there days when you just don’t want to be responsible? And not adult?” My mom said “Uh yea…” and my dad didn’t even acknowledge my question. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m irresponsible still.

I told my coworkers I didn’t want to be responsible today. And one of them laughed at me and said, “Me too girl.”

And it wasn’t until now at 11:47 pm that I figured out why.

Sometimes, you should just be allowed to unadult. Is that a word???? Lol. Can we make unadulting a thing?? Or should it be non-adulting?

So how will I face tomorrow & the rest of the work week?

i dont want to go to work
This will be me all week…until I find my purpose


-Tiff ❤

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