3 steps to start your gallery wall

Start a Gallery Wall In 3 Steps on a Budget

So you want to add flare to the bare walls in your place but you have a tight budget? Contrary to what you may believe, you do not need an excessive amount of spending cash to make your place feel like it could belong in a magazine. Adding a gallery wall can prove to be an easy and economical way to spice up your home decor. Keep reading on how to quickly set up your gallery wall on a budget.


1. Selection of Frames

When selecting frames they don't have to match size, shape or color which makes starting a gallery wall a relatively easy and cheap DIY project. Cheap frames can be found at any Goodwill for as low as $1. You could rack up on vintage frames at your local thrift store. If you're willing to spend a little more cash, places like Homegoods and AtHome have a variety of options. If you aren't feeling the colors, you could always choose to spraypaint your frames! Chalk spraypaint will give any frame a nice vintage touch.



2. Buy Printable and Downloadable Art.

If you own a decent printer you can buy downloadable art and size it fit any frames that you bought when you went on your bargain hunt! If you like to travel, you can download city Maps like this one of Manhattan and print pictures that give off a New York vibe. You can buy downloadable art (like the Read Digital Illustration from my Store) that follows the same color scheme, from the same artist, or even includes some of your honorable accomplishments like diplomas and degrees. However, the images do not have to all follow the same themes if you're feeling adventurous!

  1. There's no right or wrong way to construct your gallery wall. For easy mounting (especially if you're in a rental), use Command Strips!
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