8 inspirational quotes by influential black women

It's two months into 2023 and I'm sure there are already some goals that are forgotten or simply will end up on the back burner. Well don't fret--I've searched for some quotes from some of our favorite black authors and entertainers to help us stay motivated and inspired. The best part--I've paired their quotes with some beautiful typography. Feel free to download these quotes, print and frame, save as a wallpaper or send to your favorite friend. Happy Friday!
1. Lupita Nyong'o
black woman quotes quotes by black women black girl magic
This quote by Lupita is good for recognizing your own beauty is a force to be reckoned with. You set your standards.
2. Audre Lorde
black woman quotes quotes by black women
We are in the age of self-care. This is just a friendly reminder to take that time for yourself. Want to watch your favorite movie? Do it. Want to spend the weekend unplugged with a good book? Do it!!
3. Janelle Monae
black woman quotes quotes by black women typography
Just in time for February-the month of love. Love on yourself like no one else can (or will).
4. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey quotes quotes by black women Oprah
A girl can dream-but to know that you are the dream. You are living a dream...priceless. Take pride in this to give your self-esteem an extra boost.
5. Angela Bassett
golden globes Angela Bassett quotes by black women
Category is-confidence. When you have the confidence you need to go forth with a plan (whether it fails or succeeds) you are pretty much unstoppable. Pretty sure this is how Angela Bassett has made it thus far.
6. Toni Morrison
famous black authors black women quotes quotes by black women
Realize what a prize you are! Toni says it best--as a Nobel prize winner, I trust her words.
7. Simone Biles
quotes by black women 8 quotes by black women
We only have one life to live. Take as many risks as you can---regrets are no fun.
8. Zendaya
quotes by black women Zendaya Zendaya quotes
Let's have high standards sis! Sky is the limit.
If you are interested in seeing more quotes black women stylized like the quotes above, please let me know!
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