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Who doesn't want beautiful skin?As someone who has struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation for years, I've tried several products-Cetaphil, Noxzema, Clinique- you name it. A part of it was me not being disciplined enough to use the products religiously. So as a result, I have struggled with getting a tried and true routine. Enter Good Molecules. which is a science-backed skincare brand based in San Francisco and Nashville.
good molecules skincare review 
Products backed by science, safe for the planet and affordable? Please sign me up. So let's get into the products:
1. Niacinamide Brightening Toner
What I like about Good Molecules, is they give the steps on the box the products come in. I use this toner morning and night right after my face wash. In the beginning, because I didn't know how my skin would react, I only used it once (in the am). You don't need a lot of product---just dab a few drops on a cotton roll and spread.
*It was also recommended not to use the products with anything containing Salicylic Acid.
2. Discoloration Correcting Serum
This comes with a dropper tool that makes application easy. After I apply my toner I will add the serum. I think this has really helped with my hyperpigmentation and brightening up my skin. 
3. Silicone-Free Moisturizer
Light weight moisturizer----there's a bunch packed in this container. At first I was not a fan as I felt it made my face too greasy, but sticking to my routine this product grew on me.
4. Overnight Exfoliating Treatment
Last but certainly not least- is the overnight exfoliating treatment. I will say I use this one sparingly but try to do at least once a week. When I do use this, I will do the exfoliating treatment first then toner and serum. I'll let the exfoliating treatment sit for like 5-10 min just so it can soak in. Not sure if this matters or if it's the right way to do it but just how I've adopted to doing it.
Why I like Good Molecules?
First and foremost--they are affordable! I was using Clinique for about a year and while I loved their face wash (it prevented new breakouts) It was about $22-25 along with their acne spot treatment which was another $20. Everything within budget is what also makes this brand very appealing. 
Where can I buy Good Molecules?
They have a plethora of products to choose from online and Ulta.
Other GM products to try:
Some other products I'm interested in trying are the Caffiene Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches, Acne Cleansing Foamer and the Daily Brightening Serum.
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