The Journey of an Artist: my personal story, artistic development, challenges, and triumphs.

The Journey of an Artist: my personal story, artistic development, challenges, and triumphs.

Welcome to all of the new subscribers and to all who are curious as to how Fleur De Tiff came about. I hope this inspires you to push through whatever goals you have set for yourself and remember anything is possible with practice.


My Personal Story

I did not go to art school or major in art. I did take a ton of art classes as electives so probably could have minored in it. I've always had a passion for all forms of the creative world (writing, theater and drawing). I dabbled in a lot of it in my younger days but back in 2018-I wanted a specific image and I couldn't find what I was looking for so I told myself I would just make it myself.

 My first illustration was done the old fashion way-sketched on paper and then scanned onto my PC so that I could color it with a program online. It was a lot right? I know! But surprisingly, I showed this to friends and they wanted me to draw one for their zodiac signs. Just knowing that this small illustration brought joy and enjoyment to other people made me happy. I spent the whole weekend sketching different zodiac signs.

Artistic Development

 From that point on, I found a renewed spirit for drawing. I would sketch in my sketchbook probably everyday. I would search YouTube for videos on how to draw different positions, lips, etc. If I thought I wanted to sketch it, I tried to draw it. I signed up for free art courses on Skillshare. I used pencil, paper and ruler and a scanner for a least the first year of teaching myself how to draw.
I allowed myself to be vulnerable and after a while, posted my pictures on Instagram. Not thinking anything of it. I also used it Instagram in the beginning to post art that I found I connected with and to also remind me to keep practicing. 


Some challenges I've experienced over the last 5 years of illustrating are:

  • Artistic Block: it's real and it can really keep you down if you let it. At one point it was 3-4 months before I had illustrated anything new, and I'm thinking have I completely lost it? Draw what speaks to you and makes you happy.
  • Internet Thieves: I experienced dealing with a website that used my images without my permission to sell products. Thankfully, people recognized my art and I was able to handle it. From then on, I put watermarks over my images.
  • Pushing myself to try new poses: This is always a challenge. You want to keep learning new things-so I always push myself to try different views.
  • Practicing: Practice makes perfect. This is definitely something that you need to be disciplined with (in anything you're trying to be good at).



Finding my own personal style that I am happy with has been huge success for me. While my style is still evolving as I learn new concepts, I'm happy that people can love an appreciate my art.

  • I was able to participate in opportunities that I could use my art to express empowerment and bring women together.
  • I've been able to work with women from all over with personal commissioned products.
  • I've been able to sell my products on various platforms.
  • I currently run



I am extremely blessed and grateful for the opportunities that my talent has awarded me! I hope this post can serve as motivation and a reminder that it's never to late to learn something new and with enough discipline and practice you can truly pretty much accomplish what your heart desires.




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