Top YouTube Videos for Beginner Artists: Your Ultimate Guide

Top YouTube Videos for Beginner Artists: Your Ultimate Guide

So you want to get into illustrating? You don't know where to begin?Embarking on your journey as an artist can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many resources available, it's essential to find quality content that can help you develop your skills effectively. YouTube is where I got my self started on my journey with illustration. It is full of tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Here are some of the best YouTube videos for beginner artists to help you get started.

1. Proko – Drawing Basics: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Stan Prokopenko, known as Proko, offers comprehensive tutorials that break down complex concepts into manageable lessons. His video, Drawing Basics: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide, covers essential drawing principles such as shapes, proportions, and perspective. Proko's engaging teaching style and detailed explanations make this a must-watch for any beginner.

2. Draw with Jazza – How to Draw with Shading

Josiah Brooks, or Jazza, is another popular YouTuber who provides excellent tutorials for beginners. In his video, [How to Draw with Shading], Jazza explains the fundamentals of shading and light sources, helping you add depth and realism to your drawings. His approachable manner and clear instructions are perfect for those just starting.

3. Art with Flo – Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art

If you're interested in digital art, Art with Flo is an excellent channel to follow. Flo's video, [Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art], introduces you to digital illustration using Procreate. She covers basic tools, techniques, and tips to help you create your first digital masterpiece. Flo's calm and encouraging approach makes digital art accessible to everyone.

4. Alphonso Dunn – Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques

For those who prefer traditional mediums, Alphonso Dunn's video, [Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques], is a fantastic resource. Dunn provides a thorough introduction to using pen and ink, covering techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. His clear demonstrations and expert tips will help you master this classic art form.

5. Sarah Tepes – How to Draw Anatomy for Beginners

Understanding human anatomy is crucial for creating realistic and dynamic figures. Sarah Tepes' video, [How to Draw Anatomy for Beginners], breaks down the basics of anatomical drawing. She covers essential concepts like proportions and muscle structure, making this video an invaluable resource for aspiring character artists.

6. Marc Brunet – How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Marc Brunet, a professional concept artist, offers practical advice in his video, [How to Improve Your Drawing Skills]. Brunet shares effective exercises and techniques to help you develop your drawing abilities over time. His professional insights and motivational tips are ideal for beginners looking to improve consistently.

These YouTube videos provide a solid foundation for any beginner artist. By following these tutorials, you'll gain valuable skills and confidence in your artistic abilities. Don't forget to practice regularly and be patient with yourself as you learn. Happy drawing!


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