Who else loves a good list?

Lose 10 pounds                                                                 Shadow a dentist Read a book in French (for beginners)     Go on a road trip with best friends Take a creole cooking class                            Visit all major museums in NOLA Take a solo trip                                           Complete all entries in Travel Journal Participate in a 5k                                                          Take family portraits Get rid of credit card debt (Yikes                     Rent… Continue reading Who else loves a good list?


Infinite Possibilities

Just how the sky and sea seem to go on for an infinity, so are the possibilities for our lives—infinite! *

Sometimes as an adult, you believe where you are now is where you have to stay. That is certainly not the case! Maybe you went to school to be an engineer, researcher, educator etc. and right now you’re working a 9-5 just to stay alive. No matter what the age and where you are in your walk in life, the possibilities that are bestowed upon you are limitless.

I am still dealing with the thought of starting over myself- “Am I too old?” or “Is it worth it to start over?” The answer used to be yes, hell yes, and girl just be happy you have a somewhat career..

Approaching a new decade in life, my thinking is now “Well I have to get old anyways, why not explore all that is out there.” Why not shoot for the stars? After all…as long as I am we are still alive, well, & breathing it’s never too late to start all over.


-Tiff 🙂

*Photo taken in flight to San Pedro, Belize